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Global partner for future-proof parcel handling solutions

In the parcel industry, meeting service level demands is becoming increasingly tough. Shorter order lead times, later cut-off times, smaller orders and greater product diversity must all be considered. The need for maximum delivery reliability – with zero system faults – is also crucial.

Improved performance

Parcel handling companies expect the most cost-effective systems, with the highest available performance. Vanderlande understands what it takes to operate a successful depot. As such, logistic process automation plays a vital role in addressing today’s challenges in this market.

Complete systems

We strive for the improvement of your operational activities and the expansion of your logistical achievements. However, we do not believe in standard designs. Vanderlande ensures you have the best total solution to match your needs.

Our extensive portfolio of integrated solutions – innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services – results in the realisation of fast, reliable and efficient automation technology.

Every day, our systems sort more than 48 million parcels. These have been installed for the world’s leading parcel companies, including UPS, DHL, FedEx, and DPD. 

The next generation of scalable solutions

In order to meet any customer’s demands in full, Vanderlande has defined the next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions. They will allow these challenges to be met through an integrated portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.


DIRECTSORT can be easily adjusted to any depot’s ongoing needs and expanded to match future requirements.

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Our parcel solutions for your business

Life-cycle services

In a constantly evolving business environment, you need the support of reliable partners committed to your specific needs. Changing requirements and regulatory demands mean you may have to adapt your logistic processes and systems.

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Innovative systems

Rapid order fulfillment, shorter processing times, higher delivery frequencies and increased analysis of the cost-per-item handled, all demand optimum levels of flexibility and logistical performance.

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Intelligent software

Tighter schedules, higher volumes and increasing customer demands make intelligent software an essential part of the sorting process. In addition to hardware, it now forms a key part of Vanderlande’s proposition.

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Our parcel references


Austrian Post

In 2022, Austrian Post opened an impressive 50,000m2 building adjacent to its existing facility in Allhaming, situated near the city…

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Fast forward – FAN Courier

We last visited FAN Courier in 2018 after two of Vanderlande’s CROSSORTERS were installed in its main hub on the outskirts of Bucharest. In the latest edition of this new series, we fast forward four years and return to the Romanian parcel company to see how this future-proof solution has helped it to successfully deal with changing circumstances.

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DHL Madrid

At the heart of DHL’s air hub at Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport is a Vanderlande sortation solution capable of processing more than 24,000 packages per hour.

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Nova Poshta

Rapid growth presented a number of challenges to Nova Poshta. These included the need to maximise capacity, as well as invest in automation to improve its competitive position and fulfil ever-growing market demand.

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FAN Courier

Two Vanderlande CROSSORTERs and a TRAYSORTER are helping Romanian parcel company FAN Courier successfully embrace the benefits of automation.

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Take a tour in Vanderlande’s Innovation Centre

At Vanderlande, we continuously invest in new concepts, and at our Innovation Centre, our engineers develop cutting-edge solutions that help you keep pace with a constantly evolving landscape.

It is now possible to go ‘behind the scenes’ of Vanderlande’s innovations with an exclusive virtual 360-degree tour of our Innovation Centre.

Start the virtual tour!

Our Parcel news & insights

May 23, 2023

Digitalisation in the parcel industry: the key to optimal sorting operations

Through a series of blogs, we’ll explore the role digitalisation can play in boosting operational efficiency in the parcel industry. In this first article, Ramon Thoms (Director Parcel IT with Vanderlande) takes a look at how digital technologies can help to optimise sorting operations.

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April 7, 2023

Optimising your footprint while handling smalls

The parcel industry is managing an exponential increase in small packages, due to the popularity of online shopping and e-commerce. How to efficiently process all those individual parcels, especially if you’re struggling with labour shortage and a lack of space?

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February 3, 2023

Co-innovation: smart thinking for parcel automation

How can the co-innovation model help courier, express and parcel (CEP) companies significantly accelerate the development and adoption of automation solutions? In this blog we examine how co-innovation can be achieved through close collaboration with industry partners, and how such a model can be implemented efficiently.

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