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Social and technological developments change at an ever-increasing speed. By placing the triple bottom line commitment to people, planet and profit at the heart of its strategy, Vanderlande has made sustainability a key principle of its activities.

Through its products and solutions, the company aims to contribute to its customers’ objectives in terms of their responsibilities to their own stakeholders, and concerning the environment in general. This approach is already yielding compelling results.


Cutting operational costs and increasing productivity

Optimising energy efficiency is a must for any business working to maximises its efforts to achieve the triple bottom line. This not only lowers operational costs, but also reduces the carbon footprint. A perfect example of this is Vanderlande’s energy scan program, which has achieved energy reductions in excess of 50%. This is done by combining smarter mechatronic subsystem designs with energy efficient motors and belts, and tuning control systems that automatically switch off subsystems under ‘no-load’ conditions.

Taking care of employees makes them feel healthier, happier and more motivated. Consequently, they will have a significantly higher engagement with the business. Vanderlande has invested significant time, resources and research in designing ergonomic solutions so that they best fit the movements and cognitive abilities of their individual users.

For example, its ergonomic @EASE workstations and lifting devices enable operators to maintain high levels of productivity for sustained periods. A fatigue-free working environment for operators is created, which significantly reduces the likelihood of RSI.

Constantly taking quality to a higher level

Vanderlande’s innovation strategy follows closed-loop supply chain principles – materials are assessed not only on their tangible properties, but also on their effects on humans, the environment and their capacity for being recycled. As a result of this approach, Vanderlande developed the BLUEVEYOR in accordance with Cradle-to-Cradle principles. It is the world’s first conveyor belt to be free from harmful or toxic materials such as PVC and designed for full disassembly at end-of-life. The company’s search for innovative and smart product design continues. More and more products will be created according to these innovative principles.

The people behind the products

In a world of technology, Vanderlande believes in people – its employees make the difference in everything the company does. Continuous development is enabled by education and training. The Vanderlande Academy is one of the platforms available to employees to enhance their personal and professional development.

The health and safety of employees is fundamental at Vanderlande – if it cannot be done safely, it won’t be done at all. The company insists on safe working practices by encouraging responsible behaviour, and by ensuring that teams and individuals understand what is expected of them. Subcontractors are required by contract to ensure that their employees comply with Vanderlande safety regulations and to provide the required protection measures. In addition, subcontractors must provide a health and safety plan before starting work on a Vanderlande site.

Please find the sustainability report FY2018 below.:

  • Sustainability report FY2018