Vanderlande: Shaping a sustainable future. Together

In this decisive decade on climate change, Vanderlande is working hard to make a positive impact. We acknowledge the significance of our relationship with customers, suppliers, employees and the wider ecosystem, so are accelerating our efforts to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our starting point

Four central themes continue to surface in discussions about sustainability and are used to guide Vanderlande’s approach:

  • climate change
  • limited availability of resources
  • corporate citizenship and accountability
  • a healthy and fair society.

Vanderlande is playing a proactive role in sustainability, simultaneously balancing the requirements of our customers, employees and the wider industry. Acknowledging our impact brings focus and allows us to identify areas of opportunity.

Vanderlande has a strategy in place to accelerate its vision on sustainability. Aligned to the four key themes listed above, we have defined four missions that guide our activities:

  • Zero carbon footprint
  • Circular economy
  • Doing good business
  • Fulfilling experiences.

Looking ahead

The future of the planet is everyone’s business, and Vanderlande puts full trust in its people to help realise its vision. Ultimately, every step we take today will help to safeguard a world that future generations will continue to enjoy.