Intelligent software comes as standard

We have the advanced digital technologies you need to optimize every aspect of your warehousing operations. Our software connects equipment and processes smoothly and efficiently – giving you a real-time overview of your entire system. 

Our goal is to help you cope with complexity. That’s why the vast amount of data we collect is sent to sophisticated KPI dashboards and reporting tools, which provide clear and actionable insights. We’re also constantly updating our digital portfolio to help you stay ahead of the game – for example with the seamless introduction of robotics into your operations. 

You can also count on the support of our software engineers and data specialists to keep things moving. That way, you’ll deliver the very best service to your customers at all times.  

Our warehousing software products


VISION is our next generation of software that intelligently connects and orchestrates your system’s equipment, robotics, people and processes. It’s our single platform for all automated and manual warehouse functions.  

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Load Forming Logic

Our Load Forming Logic software ensures that pallets and roll cages are precisely sequenced to match each specific store layout. By using this intelligent solution, you’ll be able to supply stores in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. 

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Like to know more?

Every company and every market is different. This is reflected in the layout of your warehouse – and the advice offered by our experts.