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Advanced digital technologies are delivering better services for airports. By using smart data, you can also streamline assets and processes. The result is optimized operations that lead to an enhanced passenger experience. 

Digital platforms that facilitate connectivity and innovation are already an essential environment. They can be exploited to optimise your entire value chain, as well as provide a common understanding and language. Such platforms will also enable your stakeholders to create new opportunities to generate revenue. 

Digitalization can be a complex business, and we can offer plenty of support and expertise in this area. We’ve been trusted to deliver baggage handling innovations for more than 60 years. In that time, we’ve evolved our technologies to exceed industry demands.

And that also goes for our software and data-handling solutions. Our close relationships with airports around the world have allowed us to develop powerful, customer-centric IT that will optimize your operations.

VIA Digital Suite

VIA Digital Suite helps you achieve your digital transformation and optimize your operations. It provides flexible, data-driven solutions, designed for specific operational and strategic needs – such as baggage and passenger handling – as well as performance monitoring and business intelligence.

Through increased connectivity, the VIA Digital Suite solutions can also form the backbone of collaborative innovation between airports, Vanderlande and other industry partners.

VIA Digital Suite comprises the following solutions:

VIA Insights is a cloud-based solution that provides actionable insights on the performance of baggage handling processes and systems. It’s our data analytics and intelligence solution, designed to optimize baggage operations when used in combination with VIBES.

VIA Exchange is a high-security solution that provides real-time connectivity to facilitate the exchange of data between airport systems, authorized third-party systems and other modules within the VIA Digital Suite.

VIBES is our intelligent and intuitive software for the complete control of your baggage handling operations.

PAX Multiplex is a sophisticated digital centralized image processing tool to help you match – and even surpass – your ambitions in this important operational area.

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VIA Digital Suite solutions

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