Regular equipment inspection

Safeguard availability

It’s crucial for you to safeguard the equipment that is integral to your operation – and protect it from cybersecurity threats. Regular inspections provide peace of mind that your systems are performing at their best.

We inspect and analyze your system both on-site and remotely in order to identify its operational condition and cybersecurity status, concluding with an outline of our findings and recommendations.

We offer five options:

  1. equipment inspection
  2. information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) health checks
  3. vulnerability scanning of IT and OT components
  4. product life-cycle inspection
  5. and incident analysis.

In addition, we can make use of thermal imagery to assess any faults

A flexible approach

We conduct inspections at a time that suits you, depending on the nature of the individual issue and the type of equipment. These inspections can also be performed at regular or occasional intervals, based on the criticality of the components involved.

Like to know more?

At Vanderlande, we avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll work closely with you to decide on the best logistic solutions for your specific needs.