Life-cycle services

To optimize your operations and processes – make us part of your team

Vanderlande understands that every package sortation center is unique. That’s why we offer a range of services to help you optimize your operations and processes. Our approach to maintaining assets throughout their life cycles also reflects the unique requirements of your sortation center and are always tailored to individual needs. We therefore work with you to identify and achieve the performance levels you demand – day in and day out.

A true partnership

One of our goals is to build a true partnership to support all your operational requirements. The objective is simple – helping you to run reliable systems and operations so you can meet your business objectives and keep your customers happy. Our service teams promote evidence-based decision making and complete transparency in everything they do. Put this together with cutting-edge digital tools from the PACE Digital Suite and you’ll have access to a winning solution.


Our service framework

Through open communication, collaboration and consultation, we’ll adapt to your changing circumstances while optimizing your operations through delivery of the following integrated stages.

  • Design: assessing your business objectives and service requirements.
  • Build: creating and implementing service concepts to ensure your operational and service readiness.
  • Operate: supporting your day-to-day operations and providing a proactive service.
  • Maintain: detecting risk in real-time to prevent unplanned events, while performing the necessary maintenance activities.
  • Improve: using a fact-based and data-driven approach, which allows us to continuously transform, improve and optimise your end-to-end operations.

Taking into account your processes and needs, we’ll work together to build a fit-for-purpose service solution based on one of the following.

Direct links to some of our services

Whatever component you need, you can find it on our spare parts web shop. More than 200,000 parts are available, and our services can be accessed in eight different languages. We don’t just offer Vanderlande components – you can access parts from more than 75 different suppliers. And you’ll always know what’s available as real-time stock levels are displayed. You can also find other data, such as technical information, lead times and images. To make the process even more user-friendly, search results can be narrowed to show the items that match your installation. You can even pre-program this information into the web shop.

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Do you know that Vanderlande’s in-depth system expertise and assistance is always available – regardless of the time or your location? And that we offer a virtual extension of your team through immediate access to our comprehensively trained engineers? All this talent and support is provided through our 24/7 service desk, which identifies and resolves any system malfunctions. Through this single point of contact, we can assess your needs and put you in touch with our highly trained field service and controls engineers, as well as other suppliers.

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It’s crucial for you to safeguard the equipment that is integral to your operation – and protect it from cybersecurity threats. Regular inspections provide peace of mind that your systems are performing at their best. We inspect and analyze your system both on-site and remotely in order to identify its operational condition and cybersecurity status, concluding with an outline of our findings and recommendations.

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Like to know more?

Whatever you decide, we’ll always ensure that sustainability, care for people and innovation come together to take your operations to the next level.