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High operator efficiency and easily scalable for unpredictable growth requirements

The e-commerce revolution offers huge growth potential. However, this also means that your warehouse can reach its limits much sooner than expected. E-commerce and omnichannel warehouses face increasing pressure to tackle rising operational costs. These arise from in-creasing customer requirements, such as the demand for fast order delivery.

In addition, warehouses are experiencing increasing storage requirements, expanding SKU ranges (stock keeping units) and dealing with variable order sizes, as well as a lack of available workforce.

To keep up with an exponentially growing market, scalable solutions are vital. As part of our next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions – Vanderlande offers FASTPICK, which seam-lessly integrates innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.


FASTPICK is designed for customers who need quick, efficient, and flexible item picking operations. For retail customers and e-commerce customers alike, this solution offers benefits rang-ing from store-friendly breakpack delivery to the flexibility to handle the major peaks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For omnichannel facilities, FASTPICK offers the ability to share SKUs and deliver items from one simple solution.

This solution leverages the strengths of Vanderlande’s unique aisle roaming shuttle, ADAPTO, to sequence orders and offer industry leading pick performance.

It offers:

  • high operator efficiency
  • easy scalability to cope with short-term peaks and long-term growth
  • high storage density
  • rapid order fulfilment

User experience

With simplicity in mind, Vanderlande’s evolutions streamline the logistics process in an attractive platform that is highly intuitive, requires minimal training and is easy to operate. Alongside optimised ergonomics and sustainable productivity, evolutions provide the best possible user experience.


When fulfilling a diverse order profile, handling varying SKU ranges or changing any logistic process, evolutions offer the optimum flexibility to tackle multiple challenges.


Vanderlande’s innovative approach puts scalability at the core of evolutions. This allows warehouses to easily adapt to seasonal peaks, changing throughput and storage requirements, and growing business demands.
Workstation Operator finishes the order at an ergonomic workstation.
Reserve storage The reserve storage area stocks the buffer inventory and facilitates the replenishment of inventory in the active pick area.
ADAPTO Automated storage and retrieval with advanced 3D shuttles.
SIR The picking workstations can also be fitted with a collaborative smart item robot.

The products for FASTPICK


ADAPTO is a unique 3D, shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) with built-in sorting and sequencing capabilities.

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Goods-to-Picker workstation

The Goods-to-Picker facilitates a high order-picking performance and reduces errors to almost zero. It has been designed to keep the picking process simple.

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Smart Item Robotics

Our Smart Item Robotics (SIR) consists of a portfolio of intelligent, self-learning and extremely flexible picking robots.

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VISION is a future-proof and user-friendly software platform and offers a single platform for all automated and manual warehouse functions.

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FASTPICK references



Würth chose to install Vanderlande’s highly flexible storage, retrieval and transportation system – ADAPTO. This makes optimal use of the available space in Riihimäki through its high storage density.

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