Smart Item Robotics

Please welcome your new team member

Our Smart Item Robotics (SIR) consists of a portfolio of intelligent, self-learning and extremely flexible picking robots. It is not only based on our experience in the field, but also combined with our deep knowledge of robotic technology, machine learning and warehouse automation.

Our robots act autonomously, so new or unexpected situations are taken care of without human intervention. This freedom allows for uninterrupted operation around the clock.

Seamless integration

A robot solution is more than just a moving arm. It features intelligent gripper technology, sophisticated machine vision technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) control software.

Our robots – such as the item pick-and-place variant – will not be put to work in isolation. They will become a seamless part of your logistic process and work side by side with our automated storage and retrieval solutions (AS/RS).

These robots learn fast but may not be able to pick every product. However, that’s nothing to worry about, because our ADAPTO AS/RS will only guide pickable items to the robot, while others will be routed to our goods-to-person workstations.

Take a test run

Not sure if your items are robot ready? You are welcome to use our robot setup in our Innovation Center to find out what suits your needs.

We have tested the world’s leading robot-picking solutions, so you can count on us to make a best-fit-to-purpose recommendation. We use a variation of world-class robot technologies from Right Hand Robotics, ABB and Smart Robotics.

A range of benefits

Our smart robotics solutions will help to:

  • seamlessly integrate your logistics systems and processes
  • free you from labor issues involving availability, safety, ergonomics and costs
  • enjoy 24/7 operations
  • eliminate picking errors and incorrect shipments
  • and improve operational processes with machine learning.

Like to know more?

Every company and every market is different. This is reflected in the layout of your warehouse – and the advice offered by our experts.

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