An affordable, innovative and flexible sorter

Our TRAYSORTER (or Bombay sorter) is a highly flexible flat sorter, which can handle a wide range of products. From clothing and accessories, to shoe boxes and multimedia items, this is the most efficient choice for a portfolio of small and lightweight products.

A cost-effective solution

The TRAYSORTER is an affordable and innovative solution that will give a boost to overall warehouse performance. An optimum module design results in the smallest footprint concept per sorted item and a favorable ROI. In addition, the adaptability of the interchangeable tray types meets various sorting needs.

Choose from two variants

The drop tray sorts clothing, small packets and products into packages of up to 6kg. Meanwhile, the double-drop tray sorts similar items, and can handle larger sizes and weights.

Whichever option you pick, the TRAYSORTER is the ideal first step towards automation and can easily facilitate further growth. It also allows your operators to work comfortably in a number of positions.

Enjoy the benefits

When you choose our TRAYSORTER the following comes as standard:

Like to know more?

Every company and every market is different. This is reflected in the layout of your warehouse – and the advice offered by our experts.

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