Unloading ULDs

Products arrive at air hubs and gateways in ULDs (uniform loading devices). There are many different types, and they are moved for unloading by a combination of tug and dolly systems, and manual transport.

The most efficient and ergonomic way to unload regular packages from a ULD is by using a small extendable conveyor. Depending on the application, bags with small items and flyers are loaded on an adjacent conveyor. This is connected to a direct fast line towards a dedicated smalls sorter. Irregular items are often unloaded onto a third line or chute.

The design of the workstation also needs to be evaluated to optimize performance. Every detail in the process has to be considered, including the configuration of all the flows and functions.

Like to know more?

Every package company and market are different. This is reflected by the various layouts of depots and sortation centers. Our experts are available to offer help and advice in every respect.

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Unloading pallets and cages

Vanderlande’s solutions can be used to unload parcels from incoming pallets, cages and roll containers. These vary from traditional manual operations to automated tippers and the use of robots.

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