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Innovative and fast-growing companies such as Vanderlande must strive harder than ever to reduce CO2 emissions, respect the natural capacity of our planet, and create fair and safe environments for all people.

Sustainability is therefore an integral part of Vanderlande’s corporate strategy as it provides a strong basis for doing good business with its customers. In support of this vision, Vanderlande is also committed to the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.


Vanderlande recognises that its solutions have a direct impact upon the health and safety of all of those who interact with them. It is also committed to continually investing in its skilled and dedicated people, as well as creating a proactive health and safety culture.

Vanderlande has been involved in the development of innovative ergonomic solutions, such as PICK@EASE and STACK@EASE. In addition, a new training centre was opened in Veghel in 2019. In the same year, an ‘employee experience survey’ saw Vanderlande score four points above the industry benchmark in terms of employee satisfaction.


Vanderlande cares about how its business activities impact on the environment, and such critical issues as resource availability and climate change. As a company, it positively contributes to global initiatives, such as the UNFCCC Paris Climate Agreement.

As of 2019, Vanderlande has implemented energy monitoring software on site for all key customers across all of its market segments. It has also deployed highly efficient IE4 motors in its products, and implemented several initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions internally (or in global operations) and in its supply chain.


Vanderlande is committed to establishing a circular economy by developing circular services and products, and supporting initiatives that help accelerate this approach. For example, it is a member of the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE).

Vanderlande has also developed FLEET (its flexible baggage logistics solution) in line with circular design principles. By utilising autonomous vehicles, FLEET consumes up to 50% less energy compared to traditional baggage handling systems.

For more information about Vanderlande’s initiatives on people, planet and profit, please refer to the Sustainability Report FY2020. Download it here: