Shaping a sustainable future. Together.

We are accelerating our efforts to shape a sustainable future. Together.

We are meeting the moment and increasing our positive impact for the sake of the planet. Innovative and fast-growing companies such as ours must:

  • work to reduce CO2 emissions
  • respect the natural capacity of our planet
  • and collaborate with customers and suppliers to implement sustainable solutions and services.

We must also create fair and safe environments. More broadly, how companies operate in harmony with sustainable development is crucial to guarantee the well-being of future generations.

Our four missions

Our action on sustainability is articulated through our four missions:

  • to have a zero carbon footprint by 2040 – Read more
  • achieving circularity – to be a regenerative company by 2040 – Read more
  • doing good business – Read more
  • and providing fulfilling experiences – Read more

Case studies

Sustainable buildings

Building 60 – the highest environmental standards Building 60 opened at our headquarters in the summer of 2021. The six-floor building covers 13,400m2 and provides 800 workstations, along with a 400-seat restaurant, gym and outdoor exercise centre.

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Strategic sustainability dialogues

In order to accelerate our sustainability efforts, and to make sure sustainability becomes an integral part of strategic discussions with customers, collaboration is key. To make this happen, we have created a training programme for our key account managers who are responsible for the long-term relationship with our customers.

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Noise reduction

Material handling systems are known for being noisy. That’s why we have undertaken various activities to reduce the noise levels of our equipment. Our Technology department is home to a Noise Expert team, which focuses on providing knowledge and support to engineers in the design of low-noise equipment.

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Be Aware campaign

Be Aware is a long-running company-wide campaign – managed by the IT Security Office – that was launched to raise awareness about IT and data security threats.

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Our key sustainability documents

Download and read our sustainability documents that we would like to share with you. The first document is the full sustainability report, the second is a summary and the third is our supplier code of conduct. Find them all below:

Latest news about sustainability

Vanderlande publishes FY2022 Sustainability Report

Vanderlande has published its FY2022 Sustainability Report, which outlines company’s performance, overall approach and specific activities in this increasingly important area of corporate life.

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Signing the Climate Pledge was just the beginning…

“When it comes to climate change, Vanderlande has a prominent role to play,” says Sustainability Project Manager David Duque Lozano. “I see companies such as ours as instruments that can channel resources into doing the right thing.” Read more about our latest sustainability steps.

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Forest Programme takes root with planting of almost 10,000 trees

Vanderlande has raised € 50,000 in order to donate almost 10,000 trees to be planted in Het Groene Woud (the Green Forest) in The Netherlands. The trees will be planted in a new ‘loam’ forest, covering 2.5 hectares, facilitated by not-for-profit organisation Trees for All.

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Vanderlande implements plan to reap solar harvest

As part of its vision on sustainability, Vanderlande is set to install 2,681 solar panels at its headquarters in Veghel,…

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Read our blogposts about sustainability

Doing good business and providing fulfilling experiences

In this third and final blog of the series, Fieke de Haan, Director of Corporate Sustainability, highlights the approach for our missions of Good Business and Fulfilling Experience.

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Reducing our carbon footprint and building a circular economy

In this blog, Director of Corporate Sustainability, Fieke de Haan, takes a look at some of our short- (2025), medium- (2030) and long-term (2040) targets for reducing our carbon footprint to zero and introducing circular solutions.

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Counting down to net zero: Vanderlande sets clear targets and milestones

Vanderlande is meeting the moment and increasing its positive impact for the sake of the planet. Our Director Corporate Sustainability, Fieke de Haan, explains how concrete targets will steer progress and help the company become a sustainable partner for customers and suppliers.

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Shaping a sustainable future. Together

Director Corporate Sustainability Fieke de Haan reveals how Vanderlande is building an environment where teams and individual employees across the globe can contribute to reaching the company’s sustainability goals.

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