Vanderlande has a range of chutes available for dispatching parcels gently and efficiently from the sorters to the correct exits. Either gravity fed or using roller technology, they can be designed to the best configuration within the sort center and can also perform a buffer function.

The main factors to consider when choosing a chute include:

  • the sort center process in terms of batching (and separation) operations at the end of the chute, and container loaded/loose loading procedures
  • the size, shape and weight of products to be handled
  • the type, capacity and accuracy of sorter
  • the required buffer capacity of the output
  • environmental conditions, building constraints, ergonomics and noise levels
  • the function of the output in terms of sort destination, exception handling, recirculation, or overflow.

Vanderlande’s unrivalled experience in this field (with hundreds of successful installations) means that we are ideally positioned to configure the best chute for any application.

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