Vanderlande’s chutes have been designed to dispatch parcels gently and efficiently, either by gravity feed or using roller technology.

They can also be configured to optimise the available footprint, with the main considerations being the:

  • process (batching – and separation – at the end of the chute, and container-/loose-loading)
  • size, shape and weight of products handled
  • type, capacity and accuracy of the sorter
  • output’s required buffer capacity
  • environmental conditions, building constraints, ergonomics and noise levels
  • output’s function (sorting destination, exception handling, recirculation or overflow).

Our unrivalled experience in this field means that we have the knowledge to configure the best chute for any application.

Like to know more?

Every parcel company and market are different. This is reflected by the various layouts of depots and sortation centres. Our experts are available to offer help and advice in every respect.