The easiest way to store and retrieve your products

Thanks to our QUICKSTORE MINILOAD AS/RS, it’s never been easier to automatically store and retrieve cartons, trays and totes from racking locations. The straightforward crane-and-rail design makes it a universal cost-effective solution for your automated warehouse.

QUICKSTORE MINILOAD makes optimum use of the available space – even in small warehouses. It also guarantees the safe storage of sensitive and valuable goods. This makes it ideal for fashion and general merchandise businesses that need to store incoming goods before they are moved into the general logistics system.

 When used with the QUICKSTORE MINILOAD, our load handling devices can be adapted to any specific requirement. They are modular and extremely lightweight, and can store and retrieve a variety of products, such as containers, boxes and trays

Energy efficiency through smart software

MINILOAD cranes also provide outstanding energy efficiency and intelligent energy use. We’re working on intelligent self-learning software, while our “smart energy save mode” helps to conserve energy. This is achieved by recovering energy while braking and lifting.

In addition, our smart location software ensures the efficient and intelligent storage of products during peak hours, taking availability, demand and accessibility into account.

Great benefits for your warehouse 

Our QUICKSTORE MINILOAD design gives you:

Like to know more?

Every company and every market is different. This is reflected in the layout of your warehouse – and the advice offered by our experts.

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