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The origins of Vanderlande lie in the Dutch town of Veghel, where Eddie van der Lande established the company in 1949. His family initially refurbished and later produced machines for the textile industry, before moving into the manufacture of hoisting apparatus, cranes and conveyor belts for bulky materials and barrels of oil.

A significant development came in 1963 when Vanderlande entered into a partnership with American company Rapistan Incorporated. It began to develop and build customised transport systems and this marked the start of a successful global organisation.

In 1988, the NPM Capital acquired a majority of the company’s shares. Since then, it has enabled Vanderlande to achieve its long-term goals and expand on an international scale.

Vanderlande was acquired in 2017 by a successful, strategic partner, Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO). The synergies between the two companies exist with: the cross-selling of products and solutions; product innovations, for example with Automated Guided Vehicles; and joining forces in research and development. The two companies have a strong strategic match and the financial strength of Toyota will help Vanderlande to continue with its sustainable profitable growth.

Today, it has a presence in each of the world’s expanding markets. Vanderlande has continued to grow from a supplier of equipment to become a highly reliable partner for value-added logistic process automation.


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