Goods receiving

Receiving goods is just the beginning of a long and complex logistics process. And that’s why you need a reliable solution that can handle products efficiently until shipment. 

Our VISION software brings everything into focus. It can help to identify, check and register goods after unloading. And it can handle returns, unexpected products and repacking. 

Stock can be decanted on to pallets or trays, and in cartons or totes. Goods are then automatically directed for storage and order picking, or directed for shipping through a cross-docking process. With our solutions, you can minimise manual handling, and enjoy rapid replenishment and supply services. 

Leading brands already using our automated solutions include Urban Outfitters, Camper, Onninen, Argos and NEXT. 

Our Goods receiving products

Robotic depalletising

Robotic depalletising is incredibly fast compared to manual unloading. Such systems are designed to handle almost all pallet configurations, product mixes and packaging types.

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Semi-automated depalletising

Our depalletising workstations lift the product layer off the pallet at exactly the right height, so that the operator can smoothly move the product with minimal lifting. The result: fast work, limited risk of damage – and healthy, happy operators.

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Decant workstation

The decant workstation is the inbound loading point, where items or inner packs are removed from their original shipping containers and placed into totes – ready for automated storage.

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