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Continuous innovation is the key to winning in a world that is changing faster than ever, which is why it is essential for Vanderlande to develop state-of-the-art solutions. This is where the company’s R&D comes in, with more than 500 people developing the necessary hardware and software in-house.

Exploring the potential

Vanderlande’s ‘Innovate’ department has a focus on speed and impact. It identifies and explores new ideas in a global ecosystem and determines the value of individual technologies. Through a systematic process, its drive is to make a seamless connection between today’s technological ‘push’ and market ‘pull’.

By working closely with knowledge institutions and start-up companies, Vanderlande is able to create innovative and sustainable solutions that improve the competitive positions of its customers. To accelerate these explorations Vanderlande utilises worldwide innovation labs, for example at the University of Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

Cutting-edge portfolio

Vanderlande is currently focusing on major trends, such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous vehicles.

In the airports market, the company is enabling new technologies that will allow it to further extend the scope of its baggage handling (BAGFLOW, FLEET) and passenger checkpoint (PAX CHECKPOINT) solutions.

As part of its next generation of scalable solutions that are vital in warehousing – evolutions – Vanderlande offers AIRPICK, FASTPICK, HOMEPICK and STOREPICK, which seamlessly integrate innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

Vanderlande’s commitment to innovation in the parcel market can be seen in its ‘best-in-class’ solutions such as DIRECTSORT. These allow companies to reduce noise levels and energy consumption, as well as improve the ergonomic conditions for operators.

Innovation Centre

Vanderlande’s Innovation Centre – based at its HQ in The Netherlands – is one of the test centres managed by its R&D department. This is where the company’s dedicated engineers design and test solutions.

By doing so, Vanderlande remains at the leading edge of new and emerging technologies, helping its customers keep pace with a constantly evolving landscape.

It is now possible to go ‘behind the scenes’ of Vanderlande’s innovations.

Take a virtual tour in our Innovation Centre!

Vanderlande Innovation Lab @ TU/e

The Vanderlande Innovation Lab is located at the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), 20 minutes from our HQ in Veghel.

The goal of an Innovation Lab to increase our speed of innovation by building an effective ecosystem close to a main source of knowledge. It is a physical place where Vanderlande employees, academics (students and researchers) and startup companies can work together on the new concepts and new technologies that shape the future of our business.

Learn more about our activities at the Innovation Lab @ TU/e