The end-to-end approach to baggage logistics

Baggage handling excellence is essential for the smooth running of your airport – it’s how you keep airlines happy and travellers relaxed. Therefore, it’s vital that you reunite passengers with their luggage as quickly and efficiently as possible. An innovative and comprehensive approach to baggage logistics will help you to deliver the best possible service.

We offer BAGFLOW as part of our next generation of scalable solutions. This concept integrates the complete baggage flow in one control system – from bag drop all the way through to the aircraft.

BAGFLOW will help you to:

  • handle more bags in the same footprint
  • optimise your baggage handling resources
  • fully track and trace every bag
  • reduce your dependency on manual labour
  • and keep costs under control.

Remote check-in and reclaim

Check-in and reclaim solutions are available in a wide range of designs and configurations to match different check-in concepts on-site and off-site.


TUBTRAX is Vanderlande’s high-speed individual carrier system for high-volume transport, including in-tub screening, bag storage and final sortation.


FLEET Bag transports individual bags inside the baggage hall and supports the screening, buffering and sortation processes.


ADAPTO BAGSTORE is Vanderlande’s unique shuttle-based automated storage system with built-in sorting capabilities.

VIBES control room

VIBES software provides flexible, effective and integrated control to meet the needs of airport operators, handling agents, passengers and airlines.

BAGLOAD Robot loading

BAGLOAD integrated robot loading provides airports, airlines and handlers with the most appropriate level of automation at baggage make-up areas.


FLEET Batch transports ULD’s, supports the make-up and break process, and can deliver up to the intermediate buffer stations.


Vanderlande’s efficient and modular reclaim solutions make optimal use of space and easily integrate into airport environments.


FLEET Apron delivers aircraft containers and carts ‘just in time’ to and from the aircraft stands.

The products for BAGFLOW


Our VIBES software package offers complete control of your baggage handling operations – from check-in through to final reconciliation and loading.

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TUBTRAX is the market-leading individual carrier system (ICS) for fast and high-volume baggage transport that works seamlessly with your screening, storage and final sortation systems.

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How can your airport handle an ever-growing volume of bags within a limited footprint and prepare for future growth? Our unique shuttle-based automated system, ADAPTO BAGSTORE, is the answer you’re looking for.

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Integrated robot loading is no longer a technology for tomorrow – in fact it’s here today and has the potential to transform your make-up operations. We have the expertise to integrate robotics into your baggage make-up areas.

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“With the new technology, we now have an efficient way of tracking bags throughout the system, both mechanically and from a controls perspective”
Billy Ennis, Baggage Systems Manager | Dublin Airport Authority
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“The best part of working with Vanderlande is that they have an excellent response time when it’s needed.”
Ogün Vardar, BHS Reporting Specialist | iGA Istanbul Airport
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“To minimise the risk involved, we made a strategic decision to select Vanderlande for the BHS operation”
İlker Çelepçikay, BHS Manager | IGA Istanbul Airport
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“The schedule was tight, but Vanderlande has proven itself to be a true partner.”
Dion Sparnaaij, Project Manager | Eindhoven Airport
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