Results-driven partnership

To take care of your business

Are you looking to build a powerful partnership that can transform your operations across the board? If the answer is yes, then we’ll deliver integrated, value-chain services based on mutually agreed strategic targets. Through this collaboration, you’ll benefit from:

  • an increase in overall business performance
  • more efficient use of resources
  • increased operational resilience
  • and greater scope for innovation.


Choosing Vanderlande for operation and maintenance solutions means entering into a partnership. Together we’ll agree on, and work towards, shared productivity and profitable goals for your airport. We strive to deliver service excellence and to create a business model where value is central to decision making throughout the entire partnership.

So if you’re looking for an end-to-end service solution that provides a seamless experience from check-in onwards, then our results-driven package is for you. It has been designed for airports that have decided to outsource the management of their end-to-end baggage handling operations and passenger flows.


This is a comprehensive solution that will improve the overall passenger experience and operational efficiency of your airport. Working together, we will develop a complete service strategy to achieve the performance levels you need across all of your operations and to reach shared business objectives. You’ll then be free to focus on your core priority – delivering the very best passenger experience.


Our comprehensive approach to the baggage handling processes comprises all components, from check-in and security through to the aircraft. We have the end-to-end expertise and technologies to take care of your baggage handling system, check-in and security. We can also achieve the full potential of both your baggage and passenger flows.

Relying on the knowledge of our experts and full suite of digital solutions, we’ll optimise and streamline the entire process and manage the stakeholder relationships, enabling you to focus on your strategy. To deliver this integrated approach for the entire operation, we will provide you with a dedicated leadership team as a point of contact.


In a context where system reliability and efficiency are crucial to safe and smooth operations, maintenance activities are a core concern. We understand the potential impact of maintenance operations on performance, costs, use of resources and sustainability. This is why we view it as a key component in achieving your business objectives.

We provide an holistic view on your systems and processes across the entire passenger and bag journey. Combine this with our advanced analytics capabilities, and we’ll be able to continuously monitor your system’s health and detect anomalies well before they become a problem, mitigating them without impacting operations.

Our skilled engineers rely on insights from your past and present to take a glance at the future and create a long-term life-cycle plan. Designed with your higher-level business ambitions in mind, this plan will determine the best course of action to maintain, adapt and upgrade your assets in line with your evolving needs and expectations.


To keep your operations moving forward, we will provide a range of value-added services based on your specific requirements. These cover areas such as consulting and design, co-development, long-term investment planning, project management, digital solutions, health and safety, and major incident management.

We offer support throughout the value chain, helping you to achieve business goals such as enhancing passenger experience, delivering greater sustainability and providing value for money.

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Whatever you decide, we’ll always ensure that sustainability, a care for people and innovation come together to take your operations to the next level.