Shipping is the final piece of the warehousing jigsaw – and it needs to be spot on to keep consumers happy. Introducing automated order and shipping consolidation systems will enhance the efficiency of loading dollies, pallets and roll cages. This in turn improves store-friendly delivery and cuts transport costs.  

Order consolidation

Goods from different order-picking areas come together in an automated storage and retrieval system, such as our:  

  • and HDS shuttle systems.  

With our systems, flows can be rapidly sorted and grouped per order, delivery unit or shipment – and then dispatched in a precise sequence. The result is fast and efficient order consolidation and store-friendly delivery – with minimum manual labour requirements. 

Automated shipping sortation

Our automated shipping sortation systems ensure goods can be directed to a lane associated with a retail outlet, delivery route or provider, and geographical area, resulting in: 

  • a significant increase in efficiency 
  • greater accuracy 
  • and a reduction in costs per handled carton or tote. 

We have installed these systems at many leading brands, including Casaventa, Staples, Colombini and Herma.  

Our Shipping products 

Pallet AV

The Pallet AV portfolio of load carriers includes a variety of autonomous forklifts and an AMR. This versatility enables the handling and transport of pallets and roll containers of various sizes.

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Optimal stacking patterns can significantly lower the cost of filling your store shelves. The trick is to ensure that pallets are selected in the same sequence of product groups as your store’s layout.

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