From tub-based, high-speed individual carrier systems (ICS) to efficient conveyors that handle raw baggage, we can offer the transportation solutions you need to keep things moving at your airport. When designing our future-proof solutions, we take account of a wide range of variables:

  • system availability
  • speed
  • throughput capacity
  • baggage types
  • existing space
  • and tracking and tracing.

Our conveyors have a proven track record as a reliable building block for baggage handling systems. And our standard conveyor requires little maintenance and minimises energy consumption.

Since 1990, our state-of-the-art ICS have been successfully implemented at many major airports, where they help to achieve an optimum level of accuracy and traceability.

Our Transportation products 


TUBTRAX is the market-leading individual carrier system (ICS) for fast and high-volume baggage transport that works seamlessly with your screening, storage and final sortation systems.

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Our belt conveyors come in a variety of configurations to fit with your airport’s specific requirements. Combined with a dedicated control system, they are highly effective at merging, accumulating, inducting and even sorting raw baggage.

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FLEET Bag is our innovative baggage logistics solution for handling individual items of luggage inside the baggage hall. Each vehicle – or “runner” – carries a single bag and determines the most optimal route through an airport.

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Every airport is different. This is reflected in your layout – and the advice offered by our experts.