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As part of our integrated portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services, we offer VISION. This next generation of software intelligently connects and orchestrates equipment, robotics, people and processes throughout the lifetime of your system.

VISION offers a single platform for all automated and manual warehouse functions. It is based on a microservice architecture approach, which designs a software application as a suite of small services, linked to a specific function within the logistic process. Each module is independently deployable and scalable.

Benefits of VISION include:


VISION is extremely flexible by design. Due to its unique microservice configuration, it enables you to quickly adapt to changing business processes without making extensive adjustments to the software.

It is also easy to add new functionalities, and enables you to scale up without interrupting daily operations and with minimal system downtime. This lowers the total cost of ownership, because the software can more easily match future requirements compared to many other solutions on the market.

User experience

VISION’s user experience is outstanding. Due to its intuitive user interface (UI), operator training is minimised to a maximum of ten minutes, and users are then able to create their own dashboards and configure the UI based on their individual needs.

VISION offers a 360° view of the entire process, gives real-time insights into the impact of individual incidents, and shows the dependencies between the different processes in your warehouse.


VISION contains preconfigured, industry-specific packages for e-commerce and omni-channel companies in the food, fashion and general merchandise markets, which can be used as ‘plug and play’. Further customisation can be performed to specifically match your warehouse processes.

VISION consists of functional modules. Each module is designed around a specific step in the logistic process. Owing to its microservice architecture, adding, replacing or changing modules that support separate parts of the logistic process is easy, and does not require VISION to be reprogrammed.

Easy implementation

VISION can be rolled out rapidly with a (private) cloud-based platform, even across different sites. If you are operating various warehouses, this makes data sharing and analysis across multiple locations straightforward.

VISION, a future-proof and user-friendly software platform for your warehouse operations.