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There’s an e-commerce boom to exploit, so these are fast-paced times for you and your business. Whether moving fully online, or mixing with store delivery –  you need a partner you can trust. Whenever, wherever. ​ With us, you can expect the highest throughput, reduced operational costs and improved operator ergonomics.

Vanderlande knows warehouse automation inside-out. We are the first choice for the world’s leading e-commerce and multi-channel brands. Nine out of the 15 largest global food retailers rely on our solutions. Every hour of every day we help fulfil same-day dispatch for billions of products. Everything we do for you is backed by over 75 years of experience.​

Are you looking for advanced, future-proof warehousing technologies that can boost your service levels? We’ve got the state-of-the art solutions and top-notch service teams to ensure your sustainable operations. We’ll work with you every step of the way to deliver the perfect system. So you can deliver on time – every time.

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White paper: Preparing for unpredictable growth

In this white paper, we will analyse how warehouse operators can best plan to grow in the future – even if their current growth is unpredictable. In exploring this topic, we will also seek to understand the determining factors of an optimal logistics network, the type of automation technology that would allow a company to build a platform for the future, and what type of financial packages offer maximum flexibility and peace of mind.

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Food e-com – making the business case for investment

In our previous blog we spoke about dynamic changes in the evolving food landscape, and how increased automation is the most viable long-term solution for the majority of food retailers’ customer service propositions. This time, we’d like to discuss how an effective business case answers many of the questions retailers have about when (and if) to commit, and at what level of initial investment.

Food e-com – making the business case for investment

Meet the Expert: Handling returns

Modern consumers benefit from the returns policies offered by retailers, but volumes can often reach considerable levels inside a warehouse. This means that retailers are continually challenged to keep their customers happy.

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“In Vanderlande, we have found a solid partner, who rolls up its sleeves to get the job done.”
Demis van Kouwen, General Manager | Van Gelder
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“Vanderlande’s Automated Case Picking solution supports efficiency in our distribution centre.”
Lidl Køge
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“The journey we’ve been on from day one to where we are now, means that we are 50% more productive.”
Jon Parry, Vice President | Asda Logistics Services
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“70% of all order lines come from ADAPTO, which is helping us to make error-free and fast deliveries to our customers”
Johan Heemskerk, Supply Chain Manager | Udea
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“We look to technologies that can help us drive down throughput times and increase productivity”
Carl-Friedrich zu Knyphausen, Director of Logistics Development | Zalando
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“We selected Vanderlande as a partner due to its adaptability, flexibility and way of thinking”
Olivier Louvard, Adhérent Socamaine | E.Leclerc
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Let’s talk about future-proof warehouse solutions

Every company and every market is different. This is reflected in the layout of your warehouse – and the advice offered by our experts.