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General merchandise, fashion and food retail companies face a number of challenges. They need to be flexible in handling the levels of orders and SKUs, fulfil online orders and store deliveries, and cope with a lack of available workforce.

Such companies need to continuously improve their supply chains and invest in innovative technologies. In such a dynamic environment, you need a reliable partner that can deliver value-added logistic process automation.

Vanderlande understands the complexities associated with operating a successful warehouse operation and can help you to exceed your customers’ expectations and improve your competitive position.

Watch our Warehousing video
Watch our Warehousing video

Exceed your customers' expectations

General Merchandise

Fulfilling thousands of orders and delivering a positive customer experience are vital. The combination of both online order as well as store deliveries must also be factored in.
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In today’s food retail market, consumers demand fresh, high-quality products, and excellent service. They expect their shopping experience to be stress-free with a high availability of products.
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The dynamics of the fashion industry are changing significantly and the market is expanding faster than ever.
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The next generation of scalable solutions

In order for Vanderlande to meet any warehouse’s demands in full, it has defined the next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions. They will allow these challenges to be met through an integrated portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

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Our warehousing solutions for your business

Innovative systems

Through our in-depth understanding of business processes in warehousing and distribution, we provide competitive solutions that help improve delivery performance and meet changing market demands.
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Intelligent software

As part of our integrated portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services, we offer VISION. This next generation of software intelligently connects and orchestrates equipment, robotics, people and processes throughout the lifetime of your system.
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Life-cycle services

In a constantly evolving business environment, warehouses and distribution centres need the assistance of reliable partners committed to their specific needs. Changing requirements and regulatory demands means that they may have to adapt their logistic process automation and systems accordingly.
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