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In today’s dynamic food market, it is necessary to build pallets in a unique sequence in order to match a specific store layout. As a result of the strict requirements regarding the quality of these pallets, special attention must also be paid to the software involved in their creation.

For this reason, Vanderlande has developed load forming logic (LFL) software, which facilitates store-friendly deliveries and the efficient transportation of goods. LFL’s underlying algorithm is an essential part of the STOREPICK evolution.

Precision stacking

LFL is responsible for calculating the optimal way to handle a store order in relation to filling a load carrier, such as a pallet or roll cage. In simple terms, a store order lists the product cases and the amount needed to be delivered to a single retail unit.

The main challenge given to LFL is to solve the three-dimensional puzzle of how to fit the full requirement into the lowest number of order carriers, while also saving time and labour costs when it is depalletised at the shop. The latter part of this process is commonly referred to as ‘store-friendliness’.

There are three criteria for optimal stacking: filling grade, shelf order and product quality. LFL creates stable pallets that are filled with maximum efficiency, at the same time as ensuring that products are not damaged by having too much weight loaded on top of them. The software also takes into account the handling capabilities of the robot, which stacks each case with high precision on to the load carrier.

Customer satisfaction

From the perspective of the food retailer, LFL lowers transportation volumes and costs. For stores, significant savings can also be realised, because split-free load carriers enable shelves to be replenished faster and easier. In turn, consumers will experience a more convenient and hassle-free shopping experience with a higher availability of quality products.


Load Forming Logic software is an essential part of STOREPICK. This is a robotised, end-to-end automated case picking (ACP) warehouse solution that allows you to optimise the processes of your entire value chain. It effectively handles both incoming and outgoing goods, and guarantees store-friendly deliveries across multiple store formats.

STOREPICK is ideal for retailers that use ambient, fresh and chilled warehouse processes, and offers:

  • store-friendly deliveries
  • the efficient transport of products
  • a redundant design.
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