Load Forming Logic

Store-friendly deliveries

Providing a pleasant and safe in-store shopping experience – for both customers and employees – is an essential requirement nowadays. At the same time, the delivery of goods from your warehouse to those stores needs to be efficient and cost-effective. A big help in this area is to ensure that pallets and roll cages – packed with a variety of items – are precisely sequenced to match each specific store layout.

To make this a reality, we’ve developed some smart software called “Load Forming Logic” (LFL). LFL takes a store order and translates it into “stacks” that are tailored to each store. Goods are placed on pallets or roll cages in exactly the right order, matching aisle content.

As well as creating stable pallets that are filled with maximum efficiency, our software ensures products are not damaged by having too much weight loaded on top of them. LFL also considers the handling capabilities of the robot that is used to place each case on to the load carrier.

A better customer experience

For the store, LFL delivers multiple benefits. Roll cages go straight on to the shop floor for easy and fast replenishment – so there’s no need to decant items and sort in the storage area! As shelf stacking is much more efficient, aisles will also be less crowded with roll cages, making for a better customer experience in-store.

And getting everything in the right order enables store employees to spend less of their valuable time filling shelves and more time serving customers. The LFL-assisted optimal stacking process also means that trucks heading for stores can be loaded more efficiently. This results in fewer journeys, leading to reduced fuel costs and a more sustainable replenishment operation.

In summary, Load Forming Logic contributes to:

LFL software is an essential part of STOREPICK, our robotised, end-to-end automated case picking (ACP) warehouse solution.

Meet the Expert: Store-friendly deliveries to grocery stores

In this episode of “Meet the Expert”, our experts Toine Cleophas and Joeri Jansen talk about the importance of store-friendly deliveries and how this can be achieved with load forming logic software.

How load-forming logic adds value across the food retail supply chain

The objective of this white paper is to assess the advantages of load-forming logic (LFL) software for food retailers seeking to provide customers with a pleasant shopping experience and a safe working environment for employees. This white paper will also look at other sections of the intralogistics supply chain that could benefit from the use of LFL.

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