Outcome-driven services

For guaranteed performance

Based on real-time data and predictive insights, our outcome-driven services will optimise the performance of your assets and operations while delivering ongoing improvements.
You’ll be able to reap the following benefits:

  • an increased return on investment
  • greater predictability
  • improved system and process behaviours
  • and increased scalability.


We know that the optimization of package handling processes improves the overall operations of a package depot. Therefore, when following an outcome-driven approach, our team will develop a service solution with you. We will focus on understanding and identifying your depot’s needs and translate these into business objectives.  

Together, we will configure a data-driven service solution and identify key asset and operational performance indicators to achieve your desired business outcomes. This will result in a fit-for-purpose service design that best suits the needs of your package depot or hub, complete with operations, maintenance and IT concepts.  


To enable implementation of the service solution, we’ll create operational and service readiness for both your teams and our experts. We’ll set up the organizational and resource planning, create the user interfaces and implement the required tooling and safety procedures. Relying on a collaborative approach, these activities will enable a smooth transition to an outcome-driven approach. This will ensure that your end-to-end package systems and processes reach peak performance. 


We’ll help your package hub achieve its desired goals and KPIs, which include reducing the number of missorted packages, as well as improving processing times and operational efficiency. We will work with you to meet the required asset or process performance outcome as defined in the build phases.  

Through a real-time understanding of activity – and using continuous insights and communications – our experts will be closely involved in your day-to-day operations. They will manage the complex systems and control room operations through collaboration with your team. This will provide you with full control over your package flow and will help ensure that all packages are delivered on time, every time.  


When combined with predictive analytics, the comprehensive data collection from your systems and processes will enable us to continuously monitor your system’s health and performance. We’ll be able to detect anomalies well before they become a problem and mitigate them without impacting operations.  

We can create a proactive life-cycle plan to define the best course of action to maintain, adapt and upgrade your assets in line with your evolving operational needs. A data-driven life-cycle plan can assist you in keeping downtime and costs to a minimum. Moreover, it can also reduce the potential impact caused by a lack of available spare parts, supporting software or hardware. 


Courier, express, package (CEP) companies constantly face new challenges, but the need for increased capacity and more efficient operations remains. Our outcome-driven approach and continuous improvements enable us to ensure that your system performs optimally in terms of both processes and (predictable) costs. And, through leveraging our vast experience and benchmarking, we’ll look at ways to get more capacity out of your current footprint. 

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Whatever you decide, we’ll always ensure that sustainability, a care for people and innovation come together to take your operations to the next level.