Bag storage

Temporary storage solutions are extremely efficient for early check-in or transfer baggage storage. They form an essential part of our buffering and peak-shaving models and enable a “pull system”. Vanderlande offers a range of bag storage concepts to meet your needs, including:  

  • lane-based storage, using our conveyors 
  • crane-based storage, enabled by our BAGSTORE concept 
  • and shuttle-based storage, delivered through our cutting-edge ADAPTO BAGSTORE system. 

Our bag storage products 


How can your airport handle an ever-growing volume of bags within a limited footprint and prepare for future growth? Our unique shuttle-based automated system, ADAPTO BAGSTORE, is the answer you’re looking for.

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If you want complete control of your temporary baggage storage, look no further than our crane-based BAGSTORE solution. It uses proven technology – with 100% redundancy – to retrieve a bag individually, according to priority.

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Lane storage

Temporary storage is an essential part of an efficient baggage handling process. We offer a wide range of future-proof solutions, from fully automated systems – such as BAGSTORE – to semi-automated lane storage with manual loading.

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