On-site team

Seamless operations with Vanderlande’s on-site teams

Modern material handling systems are highly complex, which is why you should rely on support from qualified engineers to keep things moving. With our experience and knowledge, you’ll avoid the technical shortfalls that can have a significant impact on your operation. Having the right people in place also helps to guarantee the highest level of uptime.

Our on-site teams are employed on day-to-day activities, including the support and management of your operations. We are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your logistical process and achieving the best possible results.

By applying our knowledge and specialist software tools, our engineers can advise on both where and how to improve. Whether the changes required are small or substantial, our on-site team will guide you through the steps and explain any costs.

Advanced control room operations

In today’s world of global demand, 24/7 coverage – and the highest levels of availability are crucial. This means that rapid response times are vital, depending on the criticality of an issue. For material handling systems, this requires the monitoring of every aspect by control room operators.

Therefore, our on-site teams are supported by advanced control room operations, which can oversee and control your entire system. This seamless process extends from the moment an item enters the system, right through to its final handover.

We keep a close eye on things by defining your requirements, contingency procedures and escalation protocols. We also set up an organisational structure, establish process flows and a continuous improvement cycle.

Our “physical” control room is packed with all of the essential technologies. These allow us to stress test your system. And finally, we can assume responsibility for your operations, including logistical flows and incidents.

Like to know more?

At Vanderlande, we avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll work closely with you to decide on the best logistic solutions for your specific needs.