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PROJECT: FN-PGESI-2017-000217

Vanderlande Industries Santpedor SLU has carried out a Project to improve equipment and industrial processes technology. This Project consists in 1 action:

  • Replacement of a laser machine and a punching machine by an efficient laser machine that covering the production of both old machines using less energy, achieving an estimated saving of 45,26 tep/year.

This action has required an investment of 617.087,66 €

This granted investment of 617.087,66 € is a part of a total investment value of 1.952.382€.

This Project has received a grant of 86.125,00 € though the FONDO NACIONAL DE EFICIENCIA ENERGÉTICA and managed by the INSTITUTO DE DIVERSIFICACIÓN Y AHORRO DE LA ENERGÍA (IDAE). The grant is cofinanced by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2014-2020.


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