Published on 19-07-2019

NewsVote for Vanderlande in the inter airport Europe 2019 Excellence Awards!

The nominees for inter airport Europe’s 2019 Excellence Awards have been announced! Vanderlande’s end-to-end baggage logistics solution has been shortlisted in the interFUTURE category. interFUTURE rewards visionary, innovative and striking new ideas, products and services that are providing new solutions for the modern airport of the future.

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Voting ends on 6 September 2019.

About our submission:

In the dynamic aviation industry, many parties take individual responsibility for specific steps in the baggage handling process. This creates a highly complex environment and makes it difficult to make any significant developments with regards to quality and efficiency. However, improvements are vital considering that: space is already at a premium in many airports; it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure sufficient manpower; and passengers expect a seamless journey while being fully connected.

A new philosophy is needed in order to take baggage operations to the next level. That’s why Vanderlande has developed end-to-end baggage logistics – an integrated approach to the total baggage process at an airport.

End-to-end baggage logistics encompasses the complete bag journey from the moment it is handed over by the passenger to the point where it is loaded on to an aircraft.

Our latest approach makes use of the world’s best proven technology with cutting-edge innovations in autonomous vehicle technology, artificial intelligence and predictive data analytics to maximise operational excellence. This is supported by airport-wide baggage controls. To facilitate a resilient and smooth baggage operation, we have introduced new solutions, such as:

  • VIBES CONNECT – software that integrates all processes
  • ADAPTO BAGSTORE – shuttle-based storage technology that can sort bags directly to workstations
  • FLEET Apron – uses the autonomous vehicle application of the FLEET solution to handle ULDs and carts up to the aircraft.

It is the seamless combination of multiple systems that creates a total future-proof solution. The result is enhanced efficiency, flexibility and connectivity. In addition, valuable information and insights are created for all stakeholders – which lowers the cost per bag for airports and airlines – while passengers can relax and enjoy a world-class experience. Unlocking the potential: Vanderlande’s end-to-end baggage logistics.

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