TRAYSORTER is the ideal choice

French parcel distributor Ciblex has chosen Vanderlande’s TRAYSORTER solution to support its operations. Founded in 1977, Ciblex has grown significantly over the past four decades to become the leading French company for express medical, optical, and spare parts deliveries.

To support its operations, Ciblex utilises 141 sortation centres, as well as three major sortation hubs. One of these is located in Roissy (north of Paris). This is used for the distribution of optical products, such as contact lenses.

Rising parcel volumes, due mainly to the growth of e-commerce, and the additional demands of customers have forced Ciblex to continuously improve its network and sortation processes. The company had long been working with a manual process, but this was no longer sustainable or competitive.

Overcoming challenges

To help Ciblex overcome its challenges, Vanderlande proposed the highly flexible TRAYSORTER. It is suitable for handling a wide range of products. Due to the adaptability of the interchangeable tray types, it is able to meet various sorting needs. In addition, the modular design means that it is fully scalable and could be adapted to Ciblex’s requirements.

Ciblex has reaped the benefits of having access to the TRAYSORTER. Previously, the number of errors permitted by its customers was 0.08%. Now, it can surpass an error level of 0.01% while handling a larger volume of parcels. Owing to its modularity and scalability, it can seamlessly match Ciblex’s requirements now and in the future.

By automating the ‘smalls’ sortation process using the TRAYSORTER, Ciblex has seen a significant reduction of the cost-per-product handled. Equally important has been the overall improvement in terms of quality and to the level of customer satisfaction.

“Owing to the high volume of parcels and packages we handle, we knew automation was the answer,” says Ciblex CEO Stephane Baudry. “The quality of service is the only standard for our customers. As such, the TRAYSORTER from Vanderlande has allowed us to improve our levels of quality, productivity and overall level of service, as well as the way in which we operate.”

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