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Leading the way with new technology and an excellent partnership

We last visited FAN Courier in 2018 after two of Vanderlande’s CROSSORTERS were installed in its main hub on the outskirts of Bucharest. In the latest edition of our “Fast Forward” series, we fast forward four years and return to the Romanian parcel company to see how this future-proof solution has helped it to successfully deal with changing circumstances.

Significant increase in capacity

Fast forward to the present day and FAN Courier’s main transit hub in Bucharest is providing a vital backbone to the company’s expanding network by handling 70% of the total parcel volume. Vanderlande’s automated system has helped the company to enjoy an average annual growth of 15% with a sorting capacity of 39,000 parcels per hour – this figure was 9,000 prior to the introduction of the CROSSORTERS.

“Our strategy is working well, as more depots and hubs are being introduced with an increased level of automation,” says FAN Courier Depot Manager, Marian Stanescu. “Together with Vanderlande, we have also added POSISORTERs to our hubs in Cluj and Brașov, where we are targeting 15% growth.”

A huge competitive advantage

The automated processes have helped to attract new customers, increase turnover and reduce operational expenses. FAN Courier has also succeeded in increasing capacity and handling the growth of e-commerce. In addition, it was ready for the usual peaks in demand and the unexpected surge in online activity caused by the pandemic.

“The new facility helped us to survive the COVID-19 period,” adds Marian. “The system successfully sorted the increased number of small items and we also had enough additional capacity in reserve.”

The thriving market conditions after the pandemic have also resulted in an increased level of competition. Fortunately, FAN Courier was ahead of the game and consequently has established a competitive advantage.

“We are the market leader with a 40% share,” explains Marian. “This is because we have the edge when it comes to delivery time and capacity, and the fact that we have more hubs, trucks and infrastructure. Furthermore, we can provide 24-hour deliveries, and we are renowned for the quality, reliability and accuracy of our service.”

A partnership built on trust

The success enjoyed by FAN Courier has been driven by the added value of its relationship with Vanderlande. The level of trust that exists between the two companies may be evidenced by the ongoing investment in automation, as well as the continuous development of Vanderlande’s advanced technologies.

“Trust is vital, and we are also fortunate to have market-leading products and support from our partnership with Vanderlande,” highlights Marian. “We are leading the way as the biggest player in Romania, with the first technology of its type being used in eastern Europe.”

Innovative, professional and reliable

Mechanical Engineer, Florin Ilie, started working with FAN Courier in 2015 and so has been present since the beginning of its relationship with Vanderlande. “The system is strong and stable,” he explains. “I’m happy because even after four years it’s still working like new. The biggest benefits are its large sorting capacity, predictable maintenance and minimal unscheduled downtime.

“If there is an issue, we turn with confidence to Vanderlande’s help desk. The system always shows us where a problem is located, and they always give us the information and support we need. As time is critical, we are able to work in unison with Vanderlande and quickly decide on a favourable outcome.

“More specifically, they have helped us to upgrade the software, discover new features and optimise the sorting process. Vanderlande continues to be an innovative, professional, and reliable partner for FAN Courier – and together, we can solve everything!”

Further expansion abroad

FAN Courier aims to expand its services on an international basis. FAN Moldova opened in 2021, and the company already has a direct connection with a hub in Hungary. Its next goal will be to connect with such countries as Slovenia and Bulgaria.

“The innovation and experience gained on previous projects make Vanderlande’s solutions much faster to integrate with our systems,” concludes Marian. “The benefits from our relationship are so great that we will only work with them as we continue to pursue our expansion strategy.”

“We chose Vanderlande’s CROSSORTER because of its high-capacity sorting capabilities.”
Florin Ilie, Mechanical Engineering and Installations Supervisor | FAN Courier
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