ADAPTO offers flexibility and reliability

Established in 1975, Würth Oy serves customers across Finland through its comprehensive store network and sophisticated site service concept.

From its logistics centre in the town of Riihimäki, Würth is able to deliver a diverse range of products to end consumers, as well as supply its 200 branch offices and shops.

Necessary improvements

For Würth, it is imperative to meet customer demand. “What is most critical to us is that we are able to trust the system,” says Würth’s Warehouse and Project Manager Terhi Vesala. “We need to know that the equipment can handle the volume.”

Another significant challenge for Würth is to cope with the lack of an available workforce. “One of our primary concerns is not just finding the right people to work in our warehouse, but keeping them at the company,” says Würth’s CEO Mika Rantanen.

To make the necessary improvements, Würth’s main objectives were to automate routine tasks, raise the picking quality to a higher level, and ensure that its employees could perform their tasks in an ergonomic environment.

Making the right decision

Würth chose to install Vanderlande’s highly flexible storage, retrieval and transportation system – ADAPTO. This makes optimal use of the available space in Riihimäki through its high storage density.

Easy access to products is guaranteed at all times due to the in-built redundancy offered by the roaming shuttles. The ADAPTO on site can process 50,000 SKUs and comprises: 69,000 storage locations, 43 shuttles and five unique PICK@EASE double-pick workstations.

The ideal fit

For Mika, there was a clear reason for selecting the solution: “Put simply, we chose ADAPTO due to the flexibility it gave us – not just in the system, but also in Vanderlande’s project management skills.”

Following the installation of ADAPTO, Würth has quickly reaped the benefits of the new system. One of the major improvements has been to the working environment, which provides a positive contribution to the well-being of operators.

Reliability is key

“With ADAPTO, we can handle products more efficiently than ever,” says Tehri. “Our picking system is also more ergonomic and we were surprised by the improvement in the picking quality – it’s nearly 100%.”

For Mika, Vanderlande’s ultimate strength lies in its dependability: “When selecting a supplier, reliability is our number one consideration. I have a positive feeling about Vanderlande and they have continued to meet our needs.”

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