Check-in conveyor

Airports come in all shapes and sizes, and have unique check-in layouts to manage their traffic densities. That’s why our check-in systems come in a variety of designs and configurations. So, whatever your footprint, we can help you to keep that departure hall running like clockwork.

We do this by providing modular and scalable solutions that can meet your current and future demands.

Our check-in solutions meet all today’s demands for linear, island and flow-through configurations. Moreover, innovative product features – such as smooth sidewalls and flat conveyors with a waffle surface – contribute to the secure, trouble-free transport of every type of baggage. We can supply single or double systems. These have one-, two- or three-belt designs for weighing, labelling and dispatch.

Our intelligent software supports our check-in systems to ensure seamless transport on to the collector line. And by installing our solutions, you can also look forward to a low maintenance regime, while our easy-to-replace modules guarantee that interruptions to your passenger services are kept to a minimum.

Like to know more?

Every airport is different. This is reflected in your layout – and the advice offered by our experts.

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We integrate several self bag drop (SBD) systems that can work seamlessly with our baggage handling systems. They can deliver a wide range of benefits, including faster baggage drop-off, shorter passenger queues and reduced labour costs.

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