Several infeed points are required in busy parcel hubs. These are where varying sizes of parcels are fed onto the sorter before the final sortation and shipping processes can take place.

They are often overlooked as an area for improvement in modern sortation centres. However, there are significant challenges associated with this process, including: handling packages of different sizes and weights effectively; and moving parcels at the highest possible speed.

The most efficient infeed processes must take a number of factors into account. For example, it can be difficult to find a suitable gap on the conveyor for large parcels and heavy packages can also damage other items.

The best way to achieve optimal operations is by using our intelligent software. This is how we power our automated solutions to increase capacity to over an average of 3,000 items per hour for each infeed point.

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Every parcel company and market are different. This is reflected by the various layouts of depots and sortation centres. Our experts are available to offer help and advice in every respect.

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POSISORTER for irregulars

The POSISORTER is renowned for sorting regular-sized and -shaped parcels. However, with a few modifications, it can also be used for irregular items that cannot be handled by other sorting systems.

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