Pallet AV

Pallet AV is Vanderlande’s autonomous vehicle (AV) solution for pallet transport within warehouses. It offers customers a fully integrated and flexible solution that can perfectly match their changing business needs, working seamlessly with all other warehouse equipment.

Pallet AV works in conjunction with STOREPICK, the company’s robotised door-to-door warehouse solution that facilitates in-time and in-full deliveries to individual stores, as well as the efficient transportation of orders to these stores.

The Pallet AV portfolio of load carriers includes a variety of autonomous forklifts and an autonomous mobile robot. This vehicle portfolio enables the handling and transport of all sizes of load carriers (pallets and roll containers) throughout the different levels within the warehouse environment (conveyors, racking and floor).

Fully integrated

Pallet AV is fully integrated in the Vanderlande IT infrastructure software stack, which greatly reduces complexity and increases efficiency. Flexible ownership and leasing options, combined with life-cycle support and improvement programmes, allow Pallet AV to quickly adapt to customers’ changing business needs.

Key benefits:

  • Decreasing labour dependence
  • Improving competitiveness through reduction of operational cost
  • High level of redundancy compared to fixed systems
  • Flexibility to facilitate operational changes and future growth
  • Improving warehouse safety

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