FLEET Bag is our innovative baggage logistics solution for handling individual items of luggage inside the baggage hall. Each vehicle – or “runner” – carries a single bag and determines the most optimal route through an airport. The solution supports the screening, buffering and sortation processes by delivering bags to the correct make-up position.

FLEET Bag is resilient by design, which means there is no requirement for redundant transportation and sortation equipment. System complexity is reduced due to the use of autonomous runners and the same space can be used regardless of the precise routing a bag will take.

A significant advantage of FLEET Bag is its flexibility, as layouts and processes can be easily modified. It’s a straightforward task to add vehicles, and routes can be configured to help optimise operations. These options are useful when expanding sorting systems to include more make-up positions, or to change screening systems that need to cope with new security regulations.

FLEET Bag can also act as a temporary baggage solution for events, peak periods or during phased construction projects, such as a major overhaul of baggage handling systems. In addition, it’s quick to commission and install compared to traditional systems.

Fleet Bag is a sustainable option too, as the vehicles consume less energy than traditional baggage handling systems.


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