Automate your operations for store-friendly deliveries

Many ingredients must come together to complete efficient, store-friendly deliveries. When dealing with growing volumes of diversified stock and multiple store formats, logistics needs to be agile and predictable at the same time to avoid empty shelves.

Your goal is to ensure that both full case and single item deliveries run seamlessly. In addition, the expanding number of SKUs means you need to be smart with space. And the icing on the cake? Finding a solution to labour scarcities.

We offer a robotised, end-to-end automated case picking (ACP) system – STOREPICK – one of our next generation of scalable solutions. STOREPICK tackles today’s challenges with tomorrow’s technology to:

  • handle both incoming and outgoing goods
  • guarantee store-friendly deliveries across store formats
  • significantly reduce labour dependency
  • cope with ambient, fresh and chilled warehouse processes
  • offer a redundant design
  • and scalability to handle a strongly growing market.

This is the warehouse solution on the market that delivers highly-predictable performance against healthy operational cost. So it’s the perfect choice, helping you take on store supply with confidence.

Support your store manager

Your store manager’s mission is to service customers, instead of spending too much time replenishing shelves and therefore possibly blocking aisles. Our solutions enable you to deliver goods to your stores, stacked on pallets in the most optimal way, exactly matching the floorplan of each store. That’s what we call store-friendly deliveries.

Reduce manual work

You can count on our end-to-end automation during the entire logistics-fulfilment process. You’ll need a minimal number of operators, and our system brings the goods to them in exactly the right order at our highly intuitive picking stations. These stations are so user-friendly, you’ll be able to train your operators in less than ten minutes.


Determine and manage all relevant SKU properties that are required for automated processing and to building store-friendly load carriers.

Pallet storage

Automated pallet storage for fast, smooth and efficient pallet handling.

Depalletising – Automated

Destack cases from a single SKU pallet and load them into trays for further processing.

Depalletising – Manual

Destack cases from a single SKU pallet and load them into trays for further processing.

Goods-to-person picking

Items or small cases are picked and placed into totes, which then go into the tray storage.

Tray storage

Temporary buffer of (single SKU or empty) trays that are presented in the right sequence for stacking on pallets or roll cages.

Palletising – Automated

Load cases from trays on to an order carrier. Load Forming Logic optimises load carrier utilisation and store friendliness.


The marshalling buffer handles load carriers containing outbound goods. These are produced in the warehouse or are part of a cross-dock flow.

Be future ready

There’s so much competition out there, it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict consumers’ purchasing behaviour. In order to stay competitive, you need the optimum fulfilment solution for your stores: this includes life-cycle services, data science and digital simulations. It’s all about mastering your shelves in the store – quickly and easily!

The products of STOREPICK


ADAPTO is our intelligent shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) with built-in sorting and sequencing capabilities.

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VISION is our next generation of software that intelligently connects and orchestrates your system’s equipment, robotics, people and processes. It’s our single platform for all automated and manual warehouse functions.

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Load Forming Logic

Load forming logic (LFL) software uniquely sequences pallets to match a specific store layout—facilitating store-friendly deliveries and the efficient transportation of goods.

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Optimal stacking patterns can significantly lower the cost of filling your store shelves. The trick is to ensure that pallets are selected in the same sequence of product groups as your store’s layout.

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Pallet AV

The Pallet AV portfolio of load carriers includes a variety of autonomous forklifts and an AMR. This versatility enables the handling and transport of pallets and roll containers of various sizes.

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Robotic depalletising

Robotic depalletising is incredibly fast compared to manual unloading. Such systems are designed to handle almost all pallet configurations, product mixes and packaging types.

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Semi-automated depalletising

Our depalletising workstations lift the product layer off the pallet at exactly the right height, so that the operator can smoothly move the product with minimal lifting. The result: fast work, limited risk of damage – and healthy, happy operators.

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“Thanks to the automation, we have the highest pick accuracy in the Asda network.”
David Marshall, Senior Manager Engineering | Asda
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“The journey we’ve been on from day one to where we are now, means that we are 50% more productive.”
Jon Parry, Vice President | Asda Logistics Services
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“We selected Vanderlande as a partner due to its adaptability, flexibility and way of thinking”
Olivier Louvard, Adhérent Socamaine | E.Leclerc
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