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Supporting end-to-end baggage logistics

FLEET is part of BAGFLOW, Vanderlande’s end-to-end baggage logistics solution. This integrated approach to the total baggage operation at an airport encompasses activities at the check-in area right through to the apron.

FLEET Solution

FLEET is a flexible and sustainable baggage logistics solution. By using autonomous vehicle technology and intelligent software it enables the seamless handling of individual bags or ‘batches’ of bags (in unit load devices – ULDs – or carts) inside the baggage hall and up to the aircraft stands on the apron.

FLEET consists of three individual solutions that can be used either individually, or as part of an integrated end-to-end baggage handling concept: FLEET Bag, FLEET Batch and FLEET Apron.

Flexibility to optimize

FLEET utilises a family of ‘runners’ – different types of autonomous vehicles that can be used both internally and externally. Due to FLEET’s system architecture, adding runners or changing routes is easy, resulting in a scalable and flexible solution.

Sustainability is an integral part of the FLEET solution. A high level of attention has been paid to ergonomic considerations, safety and minimising energy consumption. The solution’s flexibility allows for the re-use of runners in other applications or locations. They can also be remanufactured and recycled, which contributes to a circular economy.


Adding runners or changing routes is easy, offering scalability and adaptability.

Operational excellence

FLEET is resilient by design and it can prioritise bags.

Fast and seamless

Easy connection to existing systems, fast set-up and alterations can be carried out overnight.


High asset utilisation, maintenance during working hours and continuous improvements.


FLEET has been designed to minimise energy consumption and using materials responsibly.

Space utilisation

FLEET enables flexibility in space utilisation and stacking of ULDs.
FLEET Bag FLEET Bag transports individual bags inside the baggage hall and supports the screening, buffering and sortation processes.
FLEET Batch FLEET Batch transports ULD’s, supports the make-up and break process and can deliver up to the intermediate buffer stations.
FLEET Apron FLEET Apron delivers aircraft containers and carts ‘just in time’ to and from the aircraft stands.