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TNT Perth

TNT’s largest fully automated parcel system in Australia

TNT’s largest fully automated parcel sorting system in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, using sorting technology from Vanderlande Industries, is now fully operational following the official opening at the end of February 2011. As part of a national upgrade of its express delivery hubs and depots, TNT selected the Vanderlande CROSSORTER 900 system for state-of-the-art automated parcel sorting and handling.

As one of the Vanderlande range of crossbelt sorters, the CROSSORTER 900 provides a highly flexible solution for handling mixed flows of postal and express parcel products of widely varying sizes, including odd-shaped items such as bags, shrink-wrapped products and mailings. The system can handle parcels up to 1.2 metres in length and weighing up to 50 kg. Flexibility and capacity are maximised by the use of two crossbelts on one carrier. These can operate together to carry large items, or individually to carry smaller items on each belt.

The two-belt CROSSORTER concept offers a compact footprint, compared with conventional crossbelt sorters providing equivalent capacity with a single, large belt. With its excellent combination of state of the art technology and proven performance, the CROSSORTER combines energy-efficiency, low maintenance and high availability to ensure optimum Total Cost of Ownership.

As total system supplier Vanderlande Industries also built the complete platform in the new depot, and supplied a fashion rail system, a ULD scissor lift and castor deck for transporting air freight containers, and trolleys for internal transport of incompatible parcels.

Facts & Figures

Project milestones

  • Contract date December 2009
  • Operation date December 2010

Project organisation

  • Vanderlande Industries as main contractor


  • Sorter: CROSSORTER 900
  • Sorting Capacity up to 9,500 pph
  • Controls: VISION software suite with BPI included


  • Induct Each induction line is equipped with a dynamic weighing scale to capture the weight of each parcel.
  • Scanning The parcels are injected on the circular sorter where the central overhead camera will read the barcode.
  • Sorting The parcel is ejected to the chute according to its destination data retrieved from the barcode.

Life-cycle services

The service contract consists of 2 maintenance visits of 6 days per visit together with a local service partner, and hotline facility and VPN support for 7 days per week/24 hours per day, for which the local service partner is the first contact and Vanderlande Industries the second. At the request of the customer a local service engineer can be on site within 2 hours and a Vanderlande engineer within 24 hours to solve the problem.